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Mia Mia

Outdoor program

Child holding leavesMia Mia's outdoor program strengthens children's understanding of the natural world and their role in caring for, and about, each element. It also helps children build physical skills and stamina, enhances their learning and social skills, and teaches them wise ways to manage risks.

The outdoor teacher ensures that the outdoor curriculum explores subject areas such as sustainability, other-than-human species, land care, conservation, natural history and botanical know how.

The outdoor classroom schedule is flexible due to the weather. Sydney's mild climate means that on most days we engage in the outdoor curriculum. However, time outdoors does vary with the seasons and in response to temperature, wind, rain, smoke haze, bushfires and electrical storms. This means each day provides an opportunity to gain understanding of the weather, climate, beauty, horticulture, insects and other creatures that share our outdoor space.

We are also mindful of the UV ratings for children to be sun safe while getting enough Vitamin D. Our playground is very shady in summer and we ensure children play in sun safe spaces when there is an UV alert and wear hats outside at all times.