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Mia Mia

6 weeks - 2 years program

Baby cotsThe learning process begins at birth. Much care and attention is given to creating a calm, safe and nurturing environment in the nursery. Routines such as feeding, resting and nappy changing are significant elements of the daily program. These experiences offer positive opportunities for learning and time for sensitive and social engagement.

Mia Mia's nursery program provides:

  1. A supportive and enriching environment that develops each child's emotional wellbeing, social skills and independence.
  2. Opportunities for pretend play, musical experiences, foundational maths, language and literacy and physical development.
  3. Group care with a staff-child ratio of one to three.

We want infants and their families feel at home in Mia Mia. It is vital that families contribute to the sense of community that the nursery team cultivates in its daily engagement with the children. Staff become the significant others in the life of your family and out-of-home experience.

Families and staff need to communicate openly and regularly to ensure:

  • Your child's emotional and care needs are met.
  • Plans can be made for your child's growth, development and education.
  • Infants, as curious and active explorers, are well supported while their need for investigative and experimental learning is emerging.