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Mia Mia

3 - 5 years program

Clay modellingThree to five year old children are rapidly developing a more complex understanding of concepts and are highly motivated to explore and set challenges for themselves, their friends and the teaching team.

We encourage children to:

  • Act as initiators, investigators, explorers, problem solvers and creators.
  • Ask questions, listen to the ideas of others and to develop their own hypotheses on a range of ideas and concepts.
  • Develop a spirit of cooperation and a caring and responsible attitude towards everyone in Mia Mia.

Our program focuses on:

  • Fostering self-esteem, emotional wellbeing, communication and respect for others; and
  • Developing relationships, self-expression, collaboration and self-help skills.
  • We believe these characteristics and behaviours are essential for children in their transition to school and lifelong learning.

Our curriculum focuses on:

  • Daily integration of the visual and performing arts, science, mathematics, language and literacy development, communication and problem solving.
  • The individual child in the context and experiences of the group, and within family and community, providing them with challenges or reinforcing their existing knowledge.

We also:

  • Support and guide children in decision-making about indoor and outdoor experiences they wish to explore.
  • Work with the children in small groups and on a one to one basis.
  • Guide children to represent their ideas through various symbolic means such as drawing, painting, clay work, physical movement, storytelling, writing, socio-dramatic play and discussions.
  • Provide children with uninterrupted time on their own, or to engage with friends throughout the day.