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Mia Mia

Our staff

BlocksMia Mia's specialist teaching team and other qualified staff work with your family to create a program for your child based on the National Quality Standard and Early Years Learning Framework.

Mia Mia's staff are committed to:

  • Leading children in discovery and inquiry based learning by providing them with opportunities to make choices, explore, observe, play, problem-solve and imagine.
  • Giving clear and regular feedback about your child's development.
  • Creating a safe, aesthetically pleasing and stimulating environment where children can flourish.
  • Building mutually trusting and respectful relationships.
  • Valuing diversity, equity and social justice.
  • Evaluating programs so they continue to meet educational needs.
  • Taking part in ongoing professional development.
  • Enhancing community awareness and understanding of early childhood theories and practice.

Mia Mia's staff also:

  • Give lectures and provide leadership to students of the Institute of Early Childhood on campus and in other professional forums.
  • Believe that each child and family should have interesting learning experiences, feel a sense of belonging and get involved.
  • Happily welcome visiting researchers, students, educators, academics and others who come to Mia Mia to observe, conduct research or to be trained and mentored.

We have lower child to carer ratios and higher levels of trained staff than recommended.

Staff qualifications  and staff-to-children ratios are outlined here.

6 weeks -

2 years program        

12 children

1 full-time Early Childhood Teacher (Early Childhood Degree/Masters Children's Literature)

2 full-time Assistants (Diploma - Children's Services)

1full-time Assistant (Certificate 3)

2 - 3 years program


16 children

1 full-time Early Childhood Teacher (Early Childhood Degree)

1 full-time Assistant (Diploma - Children's Services)

2 full-time Assistant (Certificate 3) 

3 - 5 years program 23 children

2 full-time Early Childhood Teachers (1 with Early Childhood Degree/1 with Early Childhood Masters)

2 full-time Assistants (Diploma - Children's Services)

Outdoor program   1 part-time (4 days) Early Childhood Teacher (Early Childhood Degree/EC Masters)
Other staff Director

full-time Early Childhood Teacher (Early Childhood Degree/Early Childhood Masters)

full-time Administrative Assistant

part-time Administrative Assistant

part-time Cook

part-time Programming relief

full-time RDO relief  (Diploma - Children's Services)

part-time Assistant

Our Director

Wendy ShepherdWendy Shepherd Bed ECE, MEd 
Wendy Shepherd is the Director of Mia Mia Child and Family Study Centre and an academic in the Institute of Early Childhood Teacher Education Program. Mia Mia is a lighthouse, long-day early childhood school and study centre at the leading edge in Australia and internationally in its approach to early childhood education and care.

Shepherd and her teaching colleagues were instrumental in Mia Mia's development as the Institute of Early Childhood's demonstration program, which provides opportunities for educational training, mentoring, observation and research. They have also scripted and edited several DVDs and contributed to books and journals to assist early childhood educators in their work.