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Mia Mia

Our foundations

Building blocksMia Mia continues a tradition established more than a century ago of being a centre for excellence in the care and education of young children.

Strong beginnings

From the 1900s, the first early childhood teacher training colleges established early childhood centres. These centres also provided demonstration facilities for student teachers to observe children at play and were used for research by academic staff. Today, Mia Mia Child and Family Study Centre is an integral part of the Institute for Early Childhood Education's undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

Sound guiding principles

Mia Mia's educational practices have evolved from the strengths of traditional and contemporary early childhood philosophies and theories and these underpin the day-to-day learning experiences and caring routines of its program.

The management and staff of Mia Mia are also guided by, and comply with, the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) the National Quality Framework and Standard and the Education and Care Services National Regulations. Prior to the EYLF the NSW Curriculum Framework influenced our practice and still does.

Quality management

The management of Mia Mia is under the auspices of the Institute of Early Childhood, the Department of the Faculty of Human Sciences, Macquarie University. The Management Committee is comprised of parent/guardian, staff and other university representatives and meets three times a year. The Director of Mia Mia also teaches in the academic program of the Institute of Early Childhood.