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Mia Mia

Benefits of choosing Mia Mia

Mia Mia stands for excellence in early childhood care and education.

Author, journalist, Vice Chancellor's Fellow with the University of Melbourne and board director of Playgroup Australia, Maxine McKew, reinforces this in her memoir Tales from the Political Trenches.

"This is what I love about Mia Mia and why it is a centre of excellence. Mia Mia puts the rhythms of children and their need for calm, sustained engagement at the very heart of what they do. Mia Mia strives every day for programs that reflect the patterns of children's thinking, not the preferences of adults. This takes great structure and planning, but none of that is apparent to the children."

Benefits of choosing Mia MiaMia Mia offers you and your family:

  • A friendly and informed community that works with you to enhance your child's learning, development and relationships.
  • Access to quality information and support as you raise your child.
  • Confidence that your child is being taught by well-qualified early childhood teachers.

Mia Mia offers your child: