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Children and Families Research Centre

International Society for Research on Aggression (ISRA) Preconference symposium

Part of the Macquarie University (MQ) Faculty of Human Sciences (FoHS) Perspectives Series
An activity of ISRA, MQ FoHS and the MQ Children and Families Research Centre

Perspectives on aggression

July 19, 2016 at Building X5B Theatre 1, Macquarie University, Sydney

UPDATE: This preconference has now reached it's participant limit and we can take no more bookings. Those who have registered for this preconference will be contacted by email shortly. 

All are welcome to attend the ISRA preconference symposium, held the day before the conference proper commences. The four keynote speakers from ISRA will be speaking at the symposium, but giving a different address with wider appeal. In addition two exciting researchers from Macquarie will speak - Associate Professor Kay Bussey and ECR Dr Sally Fitzpatrick.

This event is free and is fully catered.

Other activities will also be happening around the preconference program.
- ISRA Young Investigators will attend the morning sessions and then meet in the afternoon in nearby rooms.
- In addition, a meeting will be held in the lunchbreak to discuss interest in establishing an Australian Research Collective on Aggression and Bullying.

The program can be found here.

Abstracts and bios for the speakers can be found here.

A map of Macquarie University, with highlighted key locations (such as the venue, parking and getting to the venue by train), can be found here.

A free parking voucher is also available for delegates. If you plan to bring your car, indicate this on your registration survey and we will email you the voucher to display on your vehicle.

We have six excellent and varied speakers to give their perspectives on aggression:

Jack van Honk is a Professor of Social and Clinical Neuroscience. His work focuses on psychoneuroendocrine mechanisms underlying human social and emotional behaviour, especially social fear and aggression. His talk will be On the prosocial qualities of testosterone and the antisocial properties of oxytocin.

Eddie Harmon-Jones is a Professor of Psychology and a leading expert on anger, social neuroscience, emotions, and motivation. His talk will be Anger: Toward a psychophysiological understanding.

Joanna Bourke is a Professor of History and Fellow of the British Academy. Notably, she is the author of "Rape" and "An intimate history of killing". Her talk will be A Global History of Sexual Violence.

Gawaian Bodkin-Andrews of the D'harawal nation is an Associate Professor of Education and a leading Indigenous scholar whose work encapsulates and promotes Aboriginal Australian standpoints and perspectives across a diversity of disciplines. His talk will be Aboriginality, Essentialism, and Epistemological Violence.

Kay Bussey is an Associate Professor in Developmental Psychology and highly respected scholar in the fields of social cognitive theory, bullying and moral development. Kay will be speaking on Bullying and Aggression Across the Life Span: A Social Cognitive Theory Perspective.

Sally Fitzpatrick is a postdoctoral fellow at Macquarie University whose research is primarily focussed on implementing evidence-based interventions to reduce bullying. Sally will speak on Explorations into Social Bullying.

This will be a great day - all are welcome!

As numbers were limited, registrations for this event have now closed. Bookings can no longer be made through this site or the ISRA 2016 registration site. We will be emailing all registered delegates for confirmation and providing parking vouchers where requested. Please email Wayne ( if you have any questions.