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Children and Families Research Centre

Emergency situations-International children's issues: Children in Post-Emergency situations

Hayden Jacqueline

Professor Jacqueline Hayden joined CFRC in 2009 as a CORE appointment. She is developing research programs in two areas: Children in Post-Emergency Situations and Children and Ethnic Diversity. She was successful in gaining FOUR grants in 2009 for the first area.

Contact Jacqueline: or visit her staff profile at the Institute of Early Childhood

In the second area, ECD and Social Change Professor Hayden was awarded a grant from Queens University, Belfast to investigate the connection between ECD and Social Change: under the auspices of the grant a meeting of International importance took place at Macquarie University to develop a Research agenda for this topic from a global perspective.  The two day meeting was held in September 2009. Dr María Amigó of CFRC and Associate Professor Jane Torr participated in the discussions. Further meetings were held in Yogjakarta and Mexico.  Outcomes include a number of upcoming publications and a proposal for International research projects. Members of the International team (under the Auspices of UNA - The Joint Leaning Initiative on Children and Ethnic Diversity are:

Prof Jacqueline Hayden (Australia: Convenor), Professor of Early Childhood and Social Inclusion, Macquarie University.
Dr Fernando Jiovani Arias (Colombia), Founder and Director of "Fundación Dos Mundos" - Delivering programs for families affected by armed conflict in Colombia.
Ms Liana Ghent (Hungary), Executive Director of International Step by Step Association - Delivering early childhood programs to Eastern Europe and Central Asia.
Dr Deepa Grover (Switzerland and International), Regional Adviser on Early Childhood Development at UNICEF.
Prof Sharon Lynn Kagan (USA), Co-Director of the National Center for Children and Families, Columbia University and Professor Adjunct at Yale University's Child Study Center, author of 13 books on early childhood education.
Mr Probak Karim (Bangladesh), Director, PLAN, Bangladesh, co-author of Instructional Materials for Primary School children in Bangladesh and of the Basic Literacy Materials package for adult illiterates of urban slums.
Dr Mary A Moran (USA and International), Early Childhood Development Specialist for Child Fund International, delivering programs to 31 countries worldwide.
Ms Kate Ramsay (Australia and International), Senior Program Manager for Education and Early Childhood Programs at Plan International, Australia.
Ms Nyambura Rugoiyo (Netherlands and International), Early Childhood Development Program Specialist for Eastern Africa, Bernard van Leer Foundation.
Dr María Forencia Amigó - DEEWR Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Children and Families Research Centre.
Associate Professor Jane Torr - Head, Institute of Early Childhood, Macquarie University.
Ms Liberty Orbe-Torac - PhD Candidate, Centre for Research on Social inclusion Macquarie University


Macquarie University Research Development Grant and a Macquarie University Linkage Seeding Grant


ARNEC, Queens University (Belfast), UNA, UNICEF (Cambodia), UNICEF (New York) - through consultative group on ECCED.



Contact Person

Professor Jacqueline Hayden | Dr Kathy Cologon

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