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The child care choices longitudinal extension study

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The Child Care Choices project involved collaboration between researchers at Macquarie University, Charles Sturt University, the Department of Community Services and the Australian Institute of Family Studies. The project has attracted significant interest in New South Wales and nationally, and received funding support from the Australian Research Council Linkage Grant Scheme, the NSW Department of Community Services and Macquarie University.

The project is unique in that it has followed a sample of over 600 families over six years, documenting child care arrangements and child development outcomes annually. The study followed children from their early childhood years through to the first years at school recruited in metropolitan, regional, and rural areas of NSW.


1. Macquarie University
2. Australian Research Council
3. NSW Department of Community Services

This investigation is a joint research project between Macquarie University and Charles Sturt University The Australian Institute of Family Studies was involved for the first three years of the project.


Contact Person
Professor Jennifer Bowes | Dr Alan Taylor | Dr Naomi Sweller | Dr Cathrine Neilsen-Hewet | Linda Harrison


  • From Child Care to School: Influences on Children's Adjustment and Achievement in the Year before School and the First Year of School - Findings from the Child Care Choices Longitudinal Extension Study. Report available here and Title Page here
  • Child care influences on children's adjustment and achievement in the first year of school. PowerPoint presented at the Australian Social Policy conference. PowerPoint available here
  • Newsletters
    Child Care Choices Newsletter No 9 available here

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