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Children and Families Research Centre

Kelly Baird

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Title: Senior Researcher
Phone: 02 9850 8369
Fax: 02 9850 9887
Office: 226


Kelly Baird is a postgraduate student, studying for her PhD at the Childen and Families Research Centre, Macquarie Univeristy.

PHD TITLE: Through the eyes of the child: Young children's experiences of family change during participation in a parenting program.

This project will explore young children's experiences of change in their families while participating in Newpin (New Parent and Infant Network), a highly intensive parenting program. The project aims to understand how young children experience parenting programs as well as capture their perspectives of family change over time. Such an understanding will make a particularly important contribution to the existing body of knowledge as researchers rarely talk with children about the impact of parenting programs on them and their families.

The overarching aim of this research focuses on the experiences of vulnerable young children when they are involved, along with their parents, in an intensive parenting intervention program. The research has been designed to address two critical research questions:

  1. How does a young child experience participation in an intensive therapeutic parenting program (Newpin)? Participants in Newpin are required to attend the program, along with their young children, for 3-4 days each week. This research will explore the perspectives of the children relating to their experience of attendance and engagement with this program.
  2. How does a young child experience change in their family? The aim of Newpin is to facilitate change within families, to break cycles of abuse and to alter the ways in which parents engage with their children. It is hypothesised that families who participate in this program will experience some level of change within their families over a 12 month period. This research is interested in how young children perceive such change where this occurs.

An underlying focus of the two primary research questions is to address how we include the voices of young children in research. This is in response to the call of the United Nations for researchers to include the voices of children, even very young children, in research relevant to issues that directly affect their lives. This research will review and trial the methods and tools available to elicit meaningful research contributions from pre-school aged children.

Kelly is the recipient of the Australian Rotary Health Terry Beslich PhD Scholarship.


Baird, K. (2013, June). Australasian Human Development Association (AHDA) Conference Student Scholarship


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Journal Articles

Year Link Citation
2013   Baird, K. (2013). Exploring a methodology with young children: Reflections on using the Mosaic and Ecocultural approaches. Australasian Journal of Early Childhood, 38(1), 35-40.

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Year Link Citation
2013   Baird, K. (2013, July). Unheard voices: An investigation of the experiences of vulnerable young children in early childhood services. Paper presented at the Australasian Human Development Association (AHDA) 18th Biennial Conference. Gold Coast, Queensland.
2011   Baird, K. (July, 2011). 'I don't like it here when I have a headache.' Young children's experiences of their early childhood centre. Poster presented at NIFTeY conference, Sydney

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