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Children and Families Research Centre

Jiangbo Hu

Jingbo Hu

Title: Mrs
Current Position: Postgraduate Student
Phone: 9850 9846
Office: 359 A of X5B




Jiangbo (Helen) Hu  is a PhD candidate in the Children and Families Research Centre, Macquarie University. 

Jiangbo (Helen) Hu has been working in early childhood for 15 years including 7 years in China and 8 years in Australia. The working experiences in the two countries inspired her PhD study to focus on Australian Chinese children. Helen wants to contribute to the wellbeing of Australian Chinese children by doing research on their language development in preschool years. The number of Chinese children is increasing fast in the Australian childcare settings due to the expanding size of Chinese immigrants. Many Chinese children entered Australian childcare settings with little or no English. They are struggling to interact with other people within the childcare settings during the adapting time. She is trying to explore these children's linguistic experiences at this specific stage and enjoys this research project very much and hopes her research will enhance the understanding of what Chinese children are going through during their first step of evolving in an educational environment in Australia.

PHD TITLE: Australian Chinese children's language experiences in home and childcare settings.

Research interest

Bilingual education.


Journal Articles

Year Link Citation
2014   Hu, J., Torr, J., &  Whiteman, P. (2014). "Parents don't want their children to speak their home language": How do educators negotiate partnerships with Chinese parents regarding their children's use of home language and English in early childhood settings?. Early Years: An International Research Journal, DOI: 10.1080/09575146.2014.927419.
2014   Hu, J,. Torr, J., & Whiteman, P. (2014). Australian Chinese parents' language attitudes and practices relating to their children's bilingual development prior to school. Journal of Early Childhood Research 12(2) 139 - 153.