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Children and Families Research Centre

Farah Deeba

Farah Deeba


Title : Ms
Current Position:  Postgraduate Student
Phone: 02 9850 1807




Farah Deeba is a PhD candidate in the Children and Families Research Centre, Macquarie University.

Farah Deeba, a faculty member of the Department of Clinical Psychology at University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. She is one of the members of the new generation professional clinical psychologist, working to deal with mental health problems of Bangladeshies of different age since 2002. She mainly works with anxiety, depression and stress .  Her work is focused on children and women issues. She had been employed by the joint project of Bangladesh and Danish governments to develop counselling services for women victims of violence in country from 2006 to 2009.  Currently doing her PhD in Psychology under the supervision of Prof. Ronald Rapee, at the Department of Psychology. Her field of study is trauma specific negative core cognitions in traumatized children. A part of her study includes evaluating an effective intervention for the young children victims of traumatic events in low-resourced countries.

PHD TITLE:  Trauma-specific negative cognition in children and adolescents.

Research Interest

PTSD in children, Child development in aversive environment, psychological issues of female victims of violence, stress-management, and anxiety disorders.



Year Link Citation
2011   Deeba, F.& Rahman, M. M. (2011). Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Children and Adolescents in Bangladesh, in CBT in Non-Western Cultures, Naeem, F. and Kingdon, D. (Eds.), Nova Publishers, United Kingdom.

Journal Articles

Year Link Citation
2009   Hossain, M. S., Deeba, F., & Begum. R., (2009) Exploring Cognitive Distortions among different individuals with Depressive Disorder. Dhaka University Journal of Psychology, Vol-33. Dhaka.
2009   Deeba,F., Tanjin, T., and Binte Shahid, S.F. (2009) A Study on Satisfaction Level of Drug Addiction Service Receivers in Dhaka City; Bangladesh Psychological Studies, Vol-19; Pp. 9-24. Dhaka.
2006   Deeba, F. & Mozumder, K.M. (2006) Psychological Service Analysis for Victims of Violence Against Women in Bangladesh; A Nationwide Survey. Bangladesh Psychological Studies, Vol-16, P.1-12.
2004   Deeba, F. & Begum, R. (2004) Development of an Anxiety Scale for Bangladeshi Population, Bangladesh Psychological Studies, Vol-14, Pp 39-54.

Other public output

Year Link Citation
2005   Deeba, F., (2005) Need for Clinical Psychology Service in Bangladesh for the Childhood Psychological Problems: A Survey. Proceedings published by Bangladesh Protibondhi Foundation, Dhaka. (Paper presented at the 2nd Regional conference on Childhood Disability in 2004).