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Institute of Early Childhood


Researchers at the Institute of Early Childhood and its associated Children and Families Research Centre (CRFC), Macquarie University Special Education Centre (MUSEC) and Mia Mia Child and Family Study Centre, research topics related to early childhood education.

Children and Families Research Centre (CFRC)

The Children and Families Research Centre is located within the Institute of Early Childhood.  CFRC is an interdisciplinary centre for research and outreach in the Faculty of Human Sciences, Macquarie University. It has been established to meet the need for information about how best to support children and their families in Australia. Families are the main influence on the development of children along with other people and settings such as teachers and schools. Australian data are needed about the development of children in the context of their families and other settings so that policy can be based on relevant and high quality research information.

Macquarie University Special Education Centre (MUSEC)

The Macquarie University Special Education Centre is located within the Institute of Early Childhood. MUSEC conducts research and teaching in Special Education.  It has a national and international reputation for the quality of its research, excellence in postgraduate teaching and its contribution to program development in the are of Special Education.

The staff of Macquarie University Special Education Centre include special educators, psychologists, teachers, therapists and researchers, backed by technical and administrative support staff.

Complimentary program development ensures that research findings are translated into practical applications for implementation by teachers who work with children with special needs in both regular and special schools.

Mia Mia Child and Family Study Centre

Mia Mia Child and Family Study Centre offers the community, staff and students a long day care service for children from 6 weeks until they start school. This Centre is an integral part of the Institute and provides unique opportunities for staff research and observational studies for units offered in child development, curriculum studies and early childhood education. The observation of children at the centre is of value in assisting students to see and understand the practical implications and the relevance of course work to the teaching situation. Three videos have been made to date and are used as a teaching resource in many early childhood institutions.

The Centre is used for

    • child study;
    • curriculum planning and teaching studies; parent/teacher studies;
    • developing students' ability through mini-teaching and micro-teaching experience, and production of teaching Films and videotapes

This Centre is recognised nationally and internationally for it's service to young children and their families and for their thoughtful consideration of all aspects of the long daycare experience.

Research Training Degrees

Macquarie University has introduced an international-standard two-year research training pathway program leading to Master of Research. This is Macquarie's new core pathway to Higher Degree Research study.
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