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Frequently Asked Questions

Higher Degree Research: Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What steps should I take before putting in my application for a research degree?

A) Email You will be send information on higher degree programs.  You will then need to read the Higher Degree Research Programs booklet thoroughly, fill in the application form and send it to the Higher Degree Research Unit.

Q) Can I get a scholarship?

A) Scholarships are available for PhD and Masters(Hons) candidates, but they are very competitive. Those who are successful in obtaining a scholarship  demonstrate an equivalent level of attainment, for example refereed journal articles, prizes, a professional research background and so on. Details about what scholarships are available can be found on the webpage of the Higher Degree Research Office (scholarships).  Email for more information.

Q) What will my supervisor do?

A) Your supervisor will work with you at all stages of your thesis, assisting you in developing your proposal, carrying out your project and writing it up in an appropriate way. Please see Notes on Supervisory Practice for details about what you can expect from your supervisor, and what your responsibilities are.