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Institute of Early Childhood

Future Students

IEC offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs. 

Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education) (Birth - 12yrs)

The Bachelor of Education will qualify you to teach from 0 to 12 years old. This degree is 4 years, full time. With this degree you can teach from Kindergarten to year 6. Also at preschools and day care centres.  Please note there is NO mid year intake for this course.  Applications for this course are through the UAC website (

Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education)

The Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education) provides the equivalent of a four-year Early Childhood teaching qualification. This degree will qualify you to work in prior-to-school services. Further information about this course can be found here. Applications for this course are through the UAC website (

Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Communities)

The Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Communities) degree is designed specifically for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students who wish to specialise in teaching Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children. This degree qualifies graduates to work with children in services prior to school. Further information about this course can be found here, or by contacting Warawara on (02) 9850 8893.

Master of Teaching (Birth to Five Years)

The Master of teaching (Birth to Five Years) is a postgraduate level initial early childhood teaching qualification. It is designed to enable graduates of other disciplines to obtain an early childhood teaching qualification without undertaking a further undergraduate degree. Graduates of this degree will be eligible for employment as teachers in prior to school settings, typically preschools and long day care centres. Please note: This program is not available for external study only. 

Master of Early Childhood

Early Childhood teacher graduates can enhance their professional knowledge and research skills with advanced studies including specialisations in child development, curriculum areas and educational leadership. As a postgraduate degree, this program aims to develop graduates who are ethical, autonomous and critically reflective master educators. This degree is on the list of approved courses by ACECQA and enables Early Childhood teacher graduates with a three year degree to upgrade to a four year degree.

Master of Educational Leadership

This degree is ideally suitable for those interested in becoming educational leaders in early childhood settings. It enables early childhood teacher graduates to obtain an advanced knowledge of contemporary educational leadership theory and research skills contextualized within everyday practice when working with young children and their families. Graduates may be employed in VET colleges and universities as well as in senior executive positions in government and non-government organisations.  

Master of Research 

Macquarie University offers an international-standard two-year research training pathway program leading to Master of Research (MRes). This is Macquarie's core pathway to a Higher Degree Research program (PhD). At IEC, the MRes offers students a chance to develop core research skills in the area of early childhood, with a great selection of research topics ranging from pedagogy, organisation and leadership in early childhood to child psychology.  

For domestic students, the Bachelor of Philosophy (BPhil)/MRes program also attracts Australian Government funding. In 2015, full-time domestic candidates entering the BPhil/MRes program in Year 1 receive a stipend in Session 1 of $4,000. To receive a stipend of $4,000 in Session 2, candidates require an average Standardised Numerical Grade (SNG) of 65 or above at the end of Session 1. In 2015, Full-time domestic candidates entering the second year of the program who have attained an average score over 85, in either the first year of the program or in the qualification they use for entry, will receive a stipend at the same rate as the Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) for PhD (currently $25,392, subject to indexation). Full-time domestic candidates who attain a score of 75 or more, but less than 85 will continue to receive $16,000.

How do I apply?

If you are a school leaver you can apply for IEC courses through the University Admission Centre UAC. You also apply through UAC if you already hold a university degree or a partially completed degree.

If you are a mature aged student (over 21 years of age, who is willing to enrol as an internal student and you have not been enrolled in a university course) then you can apply directly through Macquarie University via the The Jubilee Scheme.

Non-Award entry is an alternate route and details of this program can be found here.

To discuss Master of Research opportunities at the Institute of Early Childhood, please contact the BPhil/MRes adviser, Dr Carol Newall (+612 9850 8057 or For more information on the BPhil/MRes program, visit this website.

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