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Institute of Early Childhood

Introduction to University

Getting started

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Many of you will be coming to us with no experience in university study, while others may have some experience in another university. However, you are all new to Macquarie, and we know that getting used to a new study environment can give rise to many different reactions and feelings.  For this reason, we urge you to take some time to find out about your university - where things are, what facilities and services are available to you, and what is expected of you. By investing a small amount of time over the next few weeks, you can make your transition to IEC and Macquarie university run smoothly.

5 things to do before the second week of semester

Come to your academic orientation session 

You can participate in information sessions provided by many aspects of the university, you can meet your teachers and our wonderful student mentors. For those not able to attend the campus orientation session, please access the online orientation i-Learn site.


Take a library tour 

We have a state of the art library, but it is a very big place! The library is so much more than a place to borrow books, so join a library tour and find out what this amazing space and the staff in it have to offer. Tours run hourly each day for the first few weeks of semester. No need to book. Just meet inside the library entrance. Read about everything that our library has to offer


Check out the MQ first year website 

This website brings together information about the facilities and support services that can assist you in your first year. Find out about the wealth of information and services that are there for you.


Check out the Learning Skills website 

Many new university students worry about their academic writing and study skills. The learning skills unit is there to support you by providing free learning skills workshops and consultations for all Macquarie Students.


Plan your time 

Success at a tertiary level often comes down to developing a study plan and sticking to it!  Write down the commitments that you have in your life (e.g., family, work, sports and so on) and then allot specific times to your study. Also, when you get your unit outlines (which will include everything you need to read, assignments that need to be completed and so on), plot the assignments and other major tasks on to a semester planner. In this way you can get organised, plan ahead and work progressively towards successfully completing each unit. Go to to access many tips and resources on time management.



(yes, I know this makes 6 suggestions!), become part of the IEC community of students and staff. Take time to get to know other students - meet over coffee,arrange study discussion times, join the IEC Student Association  and join us on facebook.  Get to know your teachers, lecturers and student support staff - remember that we are there to support you - all you need to do is ask.



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