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Institute of Early Childhood

Current Undergraduate Students

This section is for students who are currently enrolled in the Institute of Early Childhood.

The forms section contains helpful downloads for current students, such as the IEC assignment coversheet and the IEC referencing guide.

Details for Guided Experience, can be found via the Professional Experience Page, again accessed via a link on the left hand side banner.

Most IEC subjects have an online component that can be accessed on iLearn. IEC iLearn pages will provide specific information for each subject. 

Study Skills Support Unit

Learning Skills offers free services to all Macquarie students aimed at developing effective study strategies and academic writing skills. Services include Academic Language and Learning workshops, Postgraduate workshops, Ask a Learning Adviser, and Drop-in Clinics. Students can also access two online modules, StudyWISE and the Academic Integrity Module for Students.

IEC Scholarships

The Institute of Early Childhood has a range of scholarships that are awarded to their students. Students who are eligible for a scholarship are notified in writing by the Head of School. Please download the Word document.

For Graduate Students

Students graduating from the Institute of Early Childhood who are seeking accreditation with the NSW Institute of Teachers (NSWIT) should use the following forms to authorize the release of your academic transcript to the NSWIT.